NOW is the time to live in the moment

There are two parts to this month’s reading – one for the beginning of the month and one for the end. The first part of the month is a continuation of April which, if you recall, was entitled “Big Storm a Brewin’.”

“This month is not the calm before the storm, it is the storm! So many things we’ve been tolerating have been building under the surface and, like a volcano, they’re about ready to blow. Head off the eruption, by getting in front of this energy. Ask yourself what no longer fits in your life, and take steps to let it go.” April 2014

That stormy energy continues this month to cut ties with outmoded thinking and behavior. This includes realizing that sometimes what’s wrong is just someone else’s bad behavior and has nothing to do with you. See it, deal with it, move on. The time for dwelling in the past, analyzing, trying to understand what we’ve done is over. Our ability to process issues has gotten quite good. When it’s ours, we know it and we can do something about it.

By mid month, you will start to feel a quickening in the energy, like riding down a water slide. Whoosh. We’ll have to move faster now to keep up.Instead of lengthy processing, it’s time to turn to our INTUITION. Yes, it’s finally time to REALLY trust our intuition. I know we’ve talked about it, and done it sometimes. Now it’s time to really adopt sensing and acting instantaneously as a way of life. Living in the moment.

That can be scary. But we’ve got to trust that we’ve learned from all of the work we’ve been doing for the past years. It’s integrated. We know an old trigger when we see it. No need to set up camp and build a life around it. See it, deal with it, move on. It’s time for the proverbial leap of faith. It’s the only way to keep up.

Key to all of this is a belief in our self worth. Without that, how can we trust that we’re making good choices? How do we know that the choices we’re making are in our best interest? Essential to this process is a knowing that we deserve good things to happen in our lives and to out families and friends and to the world at large. We are all essentially good.

The end of this month is like spring bursting onto the scene. Everything is coming up – the flowers and the weeds. Tend to your garden of self worth. Listen for thoughts and feelings that betray who you are, those inner doubts and criticisms. Weed them out. And let the beautiful you bless your world!


“I am worthy of great things.”


It’s spring. Time to tend the garden.

What thoughts are feelings are cluttering up your garden of self worth?

Time to pull some weeds.

Keep a “weeds” journal this month.

Every time you hear yourself say or think a negative thought about your self or your life, write it down.

Ask yourself: Is it true?

If it is, do something to change it.
If not, cross it out and write a statement beginning with: The truth is…

Finish the sentence with the truth about you. Then write that sentence two more times so you can really take it in.


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This song is for all of the guys out there who have been putting up with the “chick” tunes! But even I can’t help singing along with the chorus! And I’m offering 2 versions. The first is fun to sing along with and definitely carries the mantra of self worth for the month.

The second is ALL heart. Aloe Blacc is a clear channel! Tears came to my eyes from the first note – so powerful! Enjoy!

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