Hitting Bedrock

This month there is a softening taking place. Things that were tough and firm, are relaxing. Perhaps another way of thinking about it is that there is a yielding now. Where once we were afraid to let go, we are suddenly throwing over the control and freeing ourselves.

It feels as if there is a mutual letting go by us and a stepping up by Life. This month, we should be able to feel the presence of support from Life much stronger than we have in the past. What that may look like is just a clearer sense of direction, of what’s next, of what we should do.

Whereas in the past, we may have had to listen carefully to sense our course, this month is more like a bull horn, blasting out the way. It’s not having to listen so much this month as having to separate the sounds.

Breaking our lives down into sections is ideal now. Home, family, work, money, relationship, fun, health, etc. Direction will be coming through loud and clear for each life area. Make time this month to identify the messages for each. This is a blueprint of sorts that may guide us for quite awhile.

Don’t be afraid to consider options outside your normal world of possibilities. This month, there is a sort of tectonic shift in the landscape of our lives. It’s subtle, especially if you’re not looking for it. But if you do, you will most likely discover that everything has changed and nothing is the same. What you wanted, how you thought – all different.

Such change may sound scary. It can seem frightening, especially at such a bedrock level. The truth is, all that is changing is our ability to truly see what we’ve really wanted all along. And this month, we’re able to say, “Okay. I’ll consider it.”

Does this resonate with you? Let’s get the big picture.

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  1. geology underlying rock: the solid rock beneath a layer of soil, rock fragments, or gravel. Also called substratum
  2. underlying facts or principles: the facts or principles on which something is based 
  3. lowest point: the lowest point, especially in a time of hardship or unhappiness 

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.



Look for it right after the song of the month!


I see.



Sung by Christina Perri

This song speaks to the breaking down at a core level that’s taking place this month – getting to that place beyond the masks – to the core of our humanness.

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