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One of the foundational ideas behind A Soulful Life is personal sustainability. Renewable energy comes from sources which are naturally replenished – like sunlight, wind and water. Living a sustainable life is about tapping into what naturally replenishes you.

By connecting with our own inner nature – the callings and longings unique to each of us – we create lives that naturally nourish us. More than jobs we’ve always wanted, it’s about how we’ve always wanted to live.

LIVING A SOULFUL LIFE is about allowing your true nature to inform your choices and reshape your life.

Here’s where to begin:

THE ASSESSMENT: Start by taking the survey to assess your current life.

THE VISION: Envision the life you want to be living. This will be your map.

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May all of your changes lead to greater joy!

As a life coach we define life areas to work with a person’s life. The most common areas are home, money, career, relationship, appearance, friends, family, health etc. But the deeper I get into the process of change, the more I realize that true change is about essence, not form. In other words, not about our roles and acquisitions, but how we feel when we get them.
So I’ve redefined the life areas.

Career has become Contribution.Relationship, Friends and Family are rolled into Companionship. Health has become Rejuvenation. Home remains Home, but I’ve added Setting to describe the environment around the home that nourishes. I’ve added Pace to address our personal rhythm, like being a morning person or a night owl, quick-paced or easy going. And then I’ve added Lifestyle which speaks to the way in which we live our lives.

Create your Soulful Life Vision now. It’s FREE.

What does it mean to live a soulful life? It’s about honoring the callings and longings within that beckon us to the life we were meant to live. But to get there, we have to move past the obstacles in our way.

In coaching we often hear things like:

I want…

  • to overcome the fears that stop me
  • have healthy relationships
  • have financial stability
  • to share my gifts

And my challenges are…

  • Lack of focus and motivation
  • health issues
  • money
  • limiting emotions
  • unhealthy relationships

With soulful coaching, we work from the inside out to connect with the life you want to live. Rather than look at the physical results, we ask the question: If you have those things…what will it get you? Which looks more like this:

  • personal freedom
  • living with grace
  • accomplishing goals
  • stability
  • faith and hope restored
  • forgiving and moving on
  • healthier, happier relationships
  • receiving
  • progress, movement
  • sharing they’re gifts

In the end, these are the kinds of things we long for. Confidence, personal stability, healthy emotions, sharing our gifts, loving and being loved. In soulful coaching, rather than work with the outer life areas like home, money, career, relationship, appearance, etc., we look to the inner life areas for guidance.

  • belonging
  • companionship
  • contribution
  • lifestyle
  • pace
  • rejuvenation
  • setting

By listening to our unique inner nature  we can create lives that nourish us – lives that feed our souls. More than jobs we’ve always wanted, it’s about how we’ve always wanted to live.

SOULFUL COACHING is about connecting with your true nature.






Every day that passes is another day spent fulfilling your dreams

or wishing you had.

Which will you choose?




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Anna couples thirty years of spiritual training with several years in the entertainment industry to bring timeless information in a powerful yet accessible way.

She has spent her life passionately exploring human potential. Among her studies, she spent 11 years in residence studying consciousness. She is a trained Shadow Work (R) facilitator, and certified Life Coach.

Anna has been facilitating personal development work since 1993. Her private sessions and life coaching practice have assisted thousands to move through difficult blocks. Anna is also the co-creator and facilitator of numerous personal development courses including The Life Purpose Course, Living Beyond Belief, and a 6 month internship program called Building the House of Your Being.

Her deep and healing work led her to author Igniting Change: From where you are to where you want to be. Anna recently left city life and currently resides in Ashland, Oregon where she is allowing her inner nature to reshape her life.

Anna is available for private sessions, life coaching, talks, and classes.

Igniting Change

IGNITING CHANGE: From where you are to where you want to be.

by Anna Francesca Celestino

Scientists tell us that our universe is expanding. Since we live in the universe, it seems only logical that our lives should be expanding, too. So why aren't they? Why do we often feel stuck and small?

The reason is timing. Change happens in the now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow - now. Yet, that's rarely where we are. All too often, we're sad about the past or worried about the future. To live lives that surprise us and change us in ways we could never imagine, we must get into the now.

IGNITING CHANGE shows how to use three simple actions - love, proximity, and courage - to create transformative change. When used together, these actions deliver us into the moment. Like magic, possibilities emerge where there were seemingly none before.

If there's a gap between where you are and where you want to be, if your options seem limited, and hope is in short supply, maybe it's time to turn up the heat. What changes are waiting to be ignited in your life?

"Igniting Change fills a significant vacuum in spirituality literature. I recommend it without reservation, and am certain it will soon be a classic in the field." Marcella Bakur Weiner, PhD, Author of The Problem is the Solution.

"Anna Celestino insightfully provides the reader with a clear road map. If you desire change in your life, this book will reach deep within and guide you to transformation." Joan King, PhD, M.C.C., author of Cellular Wisdom for Women: An Inner Work Book.

"Any growth process that has as its foundation the immense capacity of the human heart for love, gets my vote."  Cliff Barry, Founder, Shadow Work Seminars

THE WORLD IS CHANGING. Nothing seems to work like it used to. Relationships, home, money, job. People are feeling the need to adjust their lives. But how?

Imagine having someone to support and mentor you through those changes. Someone to guide you to a new life, inspire you when you’re stuck, and cheer you on when you succeed.

What is it worth to get your life on track? To live the life you know in your heart you want to live? Is there a better time than now?

Many people think they can’t afford coaching to which I would ask: What is it costing you not to?

I asked myself this very question. I had set a goal to write a book but time was passing by and things kept getting in the way. I finally invested in a coach. She kept me on track and now I have the satisfaction of seeing my book in print.

Since then I've turned to coaching whenever I feel stuck or confused about what I'm doing, where I'm going and how to get there. My life has become substantially richer by having received support to pursue my goals. Additionally, I continue to use the tools I learned from coaching to move my life forward.

The money I spent became an investment in myself which pays off every day in career, relationship, spiritual growth, family, fun, and overall happiness and well-being.


"Thank you so much for blessing me with your amazing gifts!  The shift I felt in just one call with you is priceless! " - Tracy

"I've had several readings from Anna and she's amazing! If your looking for answers to questions or guidance with an issue she is crazy accurate!" - Heather

"Thanks again for all the great energy work!  I think it's really making a huge difference in my recovery!!" - Kim

"Thank you so much for your help and insight, you may have touched on what could be one of the biggest/longest standing issues affecting my life. " - Doug

"I would LOVE to do another session with you. You know I am one of your biggest fans :)" - Tish

"I’m excited to tell you I feel UNBLOCKED and really feel like I have a clearer vision of what I want. I am making a conscious effort to stay focused on changing my patterns. I feel like I’m just beginning." – Catherine

"What a great help this was! I believe it really made a difference. Many thanks." – Judy

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU from a mother who is so grateful." – Claudia

"I really can’t thank you enough. The reading was a gift and exactly what my soul needed. Thank you." – Jodie

"To not have that pattern anymore…I feel like a baby again…like I have creative command of my own life…like anything’s possible." – Carol

"Working together creates huge, healing leaps into a bigger, more soulful life for me. Thank you for your very special sight and for sharing that sight. I am overwhelmed by its fantastic truth and sweetness." – Laurel

"I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the Soul Work you did with me. It has changed my life in a most positive way. I only wish everyone would be open to this experience because you are truly helping people." – Kim

"I have to tell you something. For at least 15 years I haven’t been able to lie down on my side for any length of time. This morning I woke up sleeping on my side. I was in such shock that I tried to take a deep breath. I knew I wouldn’t be able to. Guess what. I was wrong! I CAN BREATH!! THANK YOU!!" – Tracy

"Thank you so much for such a great experience. It was a real adventure. I wanted to let you know you did clear the isolation and probably more. I look forward to our next reading." – Ann

"I’m still in the clouds, feeling very excited about all the new information I received from your energy work. Thanks with all my heart!!" – Lola

"Thank you for bringing me yet another step closer to wholeness/oneness." – Tish

"You are wonderful and have made a great change in my physical and spiritual life!" – Emily

"I tell everyone about your wonderful works. It’s absolutely amazing and I love you dearly for the help and insight. I hope more and more people find you and are helped in finding their true path." – Carol

"I have felt a profound shift since our session, both in how I generally feel and in my ability to quickly recognize and understand what’s going on when something challenges my balance. And to regain my balance when I falter. I am deeply grateful." – Susan

"Thank you for helping to clear up old, pent-up emotional baggage I didn’t even realize I had until it came pouring out of me." – Emily

"I'm exactly where I want to be with room to grow.  For that I have to thank you, because the work that I've done with you over the past few years has really enabled me to be the person I have always envisioned."  – Keri



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