August 2015 Forecast

I’m happy to report that the first word that came to me for this month is optimistic. Things are looking up. Or even if we don’t see immediate results, we are can be assured that whatever has been challenging you for the past several months is about to change. You will feel more optimistic about your life this month!

If you think about the pressure it takes to turn carbon into a diamond, you’ll get a feel for what’s been happening in your life over the past while to turn you into a shining gem! Well, we’re almost ready to be unearthed. And that’s the sense we’ll get this month. Good things are coming.

In The Book of Runes, Ralph Blum writes that there is a moment just before you cross a threshold that you should take a moment and look back, see from whence you came. That’s a perfect thought for this month. Where are you now and what has your journey been to get here? Something has been changing in you, some part of you being refined and released.

Another way of looking at it is that parts of you that weren’t really you – parts you inherited or were negatively influenced by, are falling away now and the truth of you is shining through. Pause this month to recognize the new you. Talk about it with a friend. Recognize it, anchor it. Make it conscious. Because if you want it, this is who you are going forward.

July 27, 2015

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