Ready for a New Floor Plan

Last month we talked about seeing clearly and having the “difficult conversations.” This month, I keep thinking about the home …Read More

Profile PhotoHelenaMay 2, 2019

Wake Up!

Tapping into the energy for April, the first thing I feel is a watery, dreamy state reminiscent of a scene …Read More

Profile PhotoHelenaMarch 29, 2019

All Things Made New

There are reasons for hope this month – hope that things can change. Hope that the areas of our lives …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaMarch 4, 2019

Stepping Into a New Life

You can’t expect to emerge from a riptide feeling rested. If you recall, “riptide” was the majority of the energy …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaFebruary 1, 2019

The Sun Will Come Out

Did you bring in the new year with too much partying? Maybe not, but the energy at the beginning of …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJanuary 6, 2019

You did it!

Well, here we are with the last forecast of the year and the energy I get for the month is …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaDecember 1, 2018

Bringing Home the Boon

The feeling I get when I touch into the energy for October is a sense of coming down, …landing from …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaSeptember 28, 2018

Finding Yourself in the Story

The clarity we talked about last month continues into July but we’ve got a whole slew of planets retrograde or …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 30, 2018
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