Hands Up, Fear Down

I stumbled onto a really simple technique for releasing fear. It started one day when I was feeling really stressed. …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 17, 2014

Just South of Center

I had a conversation with a friend the other day that really threw me off center. But the more I …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 13, 2014

Taking a mental holiday

Some days you just have to get away! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/227713324879299074/Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 11, 2014

My arms are tired from holding space

I’m an intuitive reader. I help people move through emotional blocks. When I start a session, I really have no …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 10, 2014

Why does everything fall apart?

I’ve recently made some rather radical changes to my life – left my job, moved out of state, started a …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 9, 2014

7 questions for a sustainable life

What PACE is conducive to me? What SETTING nourishes me? What makes me feel RESTED? What makes a house a  …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 5, 2014

Hitting Bedrock

This month we hit bedrock. Find out how to make that work for you!

Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 1, 2014

NOW is the time to live in the moment

There are two parts to this month’s reading – one for the beginning of the month and one for the …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaApril 9, 2014
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