Psychic Fair Sunday

Got a burning question? Want help understanding a situation? Just can’t make sense of that relationship? Need help breaking old …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 23, 2014

Shadow Dancing

I’m a trained Shadow Work (TM) facilitator. As such, I’m very comfortable with dealing with the darker side of things. …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 21, 2014

Finding Center

This week has been a practice in being in the moment. Stopping the racing thoughts and feelings. Knowing that under …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 18, 2014

I want to be unafraid

I want to be unafraid to have hope in my life. I want my hope out in the open. I …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 17, 2014

Watch this!

Apparently I’ve been distracting myself with little “life” things to protect myself from feeling hopeful. And I’ve been covering it …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 16, 2014

Finding hope

I’ve been taking my friend’s advice and observing the distractions in my life – health stuff, money stuff, home stuff. …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 15, 2014

Behind the curtain

I do a trade for coaching with a friend of mine once a month. This month I started into my …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 14, 2014

Push/Pull…I’ve got it bad

I’ve got a serious case of push/pull this week. Part of me is gung ho to work on my business. …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 9, 2014
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