Clearing Emotional Clutter, Finding Your Voice

Every time we sit on our feelings or when we fail to say what’s bothering us, those unexpressed emotions accumulate like …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaDecember 16, 2017

By George, We’re Getting It!

Halleluiah. That’s the first word I got when I tuned into December. I think some of that is “Halleluiah, so …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaDecember 1, 2017

Special Delivery from the Universe

Ohhh! Excitement is the first thing I get for November. Good things coming. Last month we received “packages” delivered to …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaNovember 2, 2017

The Cosmic Download – October 2017

This month it’s all about things coming out of hiding, checking and double checking, and gifts coming your way! Join …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaOctober 2, 2017

Special Delivery

There’s something of the trickster coming through this month. Maybe it has something to do with trick or treating, but …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaSeptember 30, 2017

Ask For What You Want

This month I met with a lot of resistance going into the June energy. It’s almost like the month was …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 7, 2017

The End of Sorrow

Are you feeling the fertile, earthy vibes? Astrologer Simone Butler and I have a lot to say about May in …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaMay 4, 2017

Simpler Times, Better Days

The first part of May feels like summer vacation – slow, easy, light, fun. This is going to be an …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaMay 1, 2017
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