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December Song of the Month

This is a great case for dancing like nobody’s watching. Go ahead. let yourself go. Dancing toward happiness!Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaDec 3,14

December Coaching Corner

This month is a mixture of ending and beginnings. Here are a few questions to help you focus on what’s …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaDec 2,14

December Affirmation

All roads lead to greater happiness.Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaDec 1,14

December Energy Forecast

CROSSING THE FINISH LINE! This month is all about excitement. The energy for the month is charged up and ready …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaNov 30,14

Happiness Rising

Welcome! Enjoy your visit. Next post: January 1, 2015. Check back to find out how to calculate your Personal Year …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaNov 13,14

November Song of the Month

Even though Taylor Swift is a little pop for my taste, I can’t argue with her plan to “shake it …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaNov 5,14

November Coaching Corner

Think about the areas of your life you want to see changes in. Think about how you may be keeping …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaNov 4,14

November Affirmation

 Happiness is rising in my life.Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaNov 3,14

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