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I feel a lot of fear heading into November because of the U.S. presidential election. Everyone wants to win. And …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaNovember 1, 2020

SADNESS IS A GATEWAY: Go through it!

I hope you enjoyed your summer break last month because the first thing I got for this month was “all …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaSeptember 2, 2020

Feeling Poolside on the Inside

Despite the world feeling on guard or shut down, August has the potential to be a pretty sweet month. Though …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaAugust 1, 2020

A Time of Confluent Change

Swimming. That’s the word I got as I tapped into the energy for July. At first, I thought it might …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJuly 1, 2020

The Clock is Ticking

To honor my need for time off, I decided not to do a reading this month, but instead offer an …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaJune 1, 2020

Into the Wild

Swirling. That was the feeling I got when I tapped into this month’s energy. Chaos and movement. That’s not a …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaMay 2, 2020

Seriously, How Are You Going to Live Your Life?

The first feeling that came was fear, which is no surprise. There’s a lot of fear out there. This fear …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaApril 2, 2020

Time for the Cosmic Trash Pickup

My monthly forecast is about helping you ride the waves and avoid the pitfalls. So, heads up. Pitfall ahead. When …Read More

Profile PhotoAnnaMarch 1, 2020
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