Bringing Home the Boon

The feeling I get when I touch into the energy for October is a sense of coming down, …landing from something. And I believe the reference is to the unbelievably intense cycle we’ve all just come through. It’s like crawling to the shore after you thought you were going to drown. You’re elated, but exhausted.

That’s the feeling at the beginning of the month. Hurray! We made it!

If you give yourself a chance to rest and recuperate for a week or so, the energy shifts significantly by midmonth. Suddenly the sun breaks through the clouds, the light comes shining in and the world looks right again.

Still, we’ve been on a challenging journey. It’s always good to take time to rest and reflect. Empty your suitcases. See what treasures you’ve brought home. Figure out how they’ll be integrated into your life.

Lucky in love is another theme this month. It’s not so much that everyone’s going to find love or have romance, as it is a sense of the heart opening. Love is about connection and this month we have the opportunity to feel deeply for one another whether that love is pleasant or not so pleasant. We can love someone and miss them. And that love may feel sad. But it’s still love. There is a depth to love this month. Feel it and let it reveal more treasures.

On another note, there is a sense of something much bigger coming down the pike in the political scene. For those wanting a change, bear in mind that when you’re trying to turn a ship the size of the United States, it takes time. There are a lot of people, a lot of views, a lot of history that needs to shift. We will survive this like we’ve survived before. Vote. Let your voice be heard. That’s really what this time is about.


Anna Francesca Celestino is an intuitive coach and author of the book Igniting Change. She has a gift for untangling emotional issues which she’s applied to The Emotional Workout. Six simple questions to find out what’s been stopping you and one question to turn it all around. Download your free copy now.

May 30, 2019
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