By George, We’re Getting It!

Halleluiah. That’s the first word I got when I tuned into December. I think some of that is “Halleluiah, so glad this year is coming to an end.” But the other part is a “Thank goodness, we’re figuring this stuff out.”

Despite the fact that situations in the world are looking pretty grim, the truth of the matter is that there are some major breakthroughs happening. The fact that sexual abuse is no longer being tolerated, the fact that women and men are drawing a line, the fact that there are consequences for these actions, paves the way for great change.

Making a shift in consciousness around the ill treatment of women paves the way for consciousness around ill treatment of all humanity. From there it’s not such a big leap to honoring animals and ultimately respecting the earth. So, you see…progress.
The weather is showing up as something we want to be aware of this month. Storms around the globe – too hot, too cold, earthquakes, floods. In a nutshell, extremes.

And extremes not just in the weather, but in many areas of our lives. In some ways, the weather is just a reflection of the energetic currents on the move. So, watch for reactions that are too hot, too cold, shake things up, feel overwhelming. It’s all there and all important. Nothing to fear, but it definitely helps to be forewarned.

On the bright side, there is an underlying sense of joy making an appearance this month. Happiness that can’t be outshined by the growing pains of collective evolution. Make happiness the wallpaper on your phone this month to remind you to look for the joy, add to the joy and celebrate the joy.

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