Close to the Surface

The first hit I get when I feel into May is sadness. No need to worry. As I dive a little deeper, I see that it just means our emotions are going to be close to the surface this month. And since our feelings show up to guide us, there’s an upside to all of this.

If we pay attention to our feelings this month, they’ll guide us to higher ground. If you’re feeling sad, ask yourself: What am I disconnected from? What am I missing? If you feel angry, who’s crossed your boundaries? Feeling afraid or worried? You need a clearer perspective. Find out what’s true and what isn’t. And if you feel happy…well, keep going just as you are. *

This month is not just about feelings. There’s an opportunity to reunite with, well, with just about anything you’ve become separated from in the past. Love, happiness, dreams, people. This is the perfect time to ask yourself:

  • What were my hopes and dreams?
  • How did I want to live?
  • What have I been longing to do but just keep putting off

There is a strong sense of THIS IS YOUR LIFE right here, right now. No more putting off till tomorrow what you can enjoy today. A portalway is open in time. We can either come into the now, or drift further from the moment.


Think about it like that parts of yourself have drifted way out in time tethered by a long rope. Imagine pulling the rope hand over hand, drawing those lost parts of yourself back in. The feelings that may have caused those parts to drift will come along, too, but they’ll only last a moment if you honor them by seeing them, feeling them, accepting them. They’ll soon release and you’ll feel whole again.

This month, focus on what’s right in front of you. Enjoy it. Be in it. Savor it. If ever there was a time for seize the day, it’s now.

Anna Francesca Celestino is an intuitive coach, author, and creator of The Shift System: A 90 Day Container for Change. She’s spent years on her “path”, and now applies her experience to create short cuts for busy people who want to live authentic lives. Her Emotional Workout is a free 10-minute tool to find out what’s been sabotaging your hopes and dreams. Download your copy now.

*To get the full low down on emotions as guides complete with exercises you can do, I go into a lot more detail in the TOOLS section of my book Igniting Change.

Image: Ricardo Gomez Angel

May 30, 2019
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