December Energy Forecast

All-Army runners take top trophy from Brazilians at 26th Army Ten-MilerCROSSING THE FINISH LINE!

This month is all about excitement. The energy for the month is charged up and ready to…not quite ready to go but it’s building to something. Probably the energy for next year.

Usually at the end of the year, you’d expect a winding down That is not the case this month. The new energy actually started coming in last month and keeps building. Looks like we’re getting a running start on 2015.

That said, there’s always a winding down aspect at the end of a cycle and, on some level, we will experience that this year, too. We’ve talked a lot this year about re-evaluating goals and dream to be sure they’re still relevant. This is the time to finish that work. Are you SURE what you’re chasing after is what you want? Next year’s energy will be potent and easy to create in so you want to know that what you’re going after is what you want. Just saying…last call.

The other aspect to this month’s energy is a continued focus on happiness and joy. We want to aim UP. Keep joy in your sights. Use it as a guide. Follow it. When fear or sadness or anger come up, acknowledge them happily. Welcome them to the party. With that attitude, you won’t be able to stay angry/sad/afraid for long. They’re a waste of your energy this month. Not to say you should ignore them. Just do what you have to do about them to return to happy asap. Happiness will carry the day and carry you across the finish line of 2014.

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