Catch your breath. Clear your head. Bless your year.

If you've been longing for quality time with like-hearted people, you're going to love our time together. This is a one-time, live event. (Sorry, no replay.)

During this soothing respite...

  • You’ll have time to reflect on your year - your contributions, challenges, and victories. 
  • You'll be inspired by stories of growth and change from The Shift System grads 
  • And have an opportunity to get intuitive guidance from Anna

WHEN: Tuesday, December 19. 6:30-8:00 p.m. PST, 9:30-11:00 EST

WHERE: This gathering takes place in the Shift System’s private online meeting room so you can join from anywhere and we can meet face to face (or by phone if you prefer). 

Warm. Simple. Quiet. Sacred. Beautiful. Soothing. Welcoming. Loving. Calming. Peaceful.

No time for procrastination. We start in...


Your Hosts


Intuitive Coach and Founder of The Shift System

Anna is a certified life coach, author, cohost of The Cosmic Download podcast, and trained Shadow Work© facilitator. She’s spent years studying consciousness and human behavior and now applies her experience to help others dive deep and start living authentic lives more quickly.


A 90 Day Container for Change

The Shift System is a group coaching program designed to make lasting life changes from the inside out. It provides tools and guidance for anyone committed to living a more meaningful life. Our EXHALE evening is hosted by inspiring TSS grads who have done the work to get the changes.

res·pite: a short period of rest or relief