Finding Yourself in the Story

The clarity we talked about last month continues into July but we’ve got a whole slew of planets retrograde or under the influence of retrograde this month. What that means is, we can see the past and its influence on the present more clearly.

Retrogrades are a time for reviewing so we can clear away the old and rejoice in the new. Rather than try to create a lot of movement this month because you may feel like you’ve got an elephant sitting on your chest, settle in with a good book or good show to stream and welcome whatever emotions the stories bring up for you.

Again, don’t hope for a lot of progress. Rather, accept that this is clearly a time of deep thought and introspection.

This pattern will clear sometime in September when most of the planets are direct. Then, all of your hard work going back in time to understand your past will pay off! Then, expect to feel like a new you. You may not even recognize yourself or your vision for a new future.

Until then, try not to resist your feelings. Follow them to their source, shine a light, reflect, then on to the next one.

A perfect TV show for July streaming on Hulu: Being Erica, about a young woman who meets up with a therapist who can send her back in time to explore her past so that her present life might turn out better. Jealous of Erica’s experience? Contact me for a present or past life reading.

Anna Francesca Celestino is an intuitive coach, author, and creator of The Shift System: A 90 Day Container for Change. She’s spent years on her “path”, and now applies her experience to create short cuts for busy people wanting to live authentic lives. Check out her SUMMER CAMP FOR THE SOUL  – a collection of workshops sure to yield insights and healing. And they’re all $25 or less.


May 30, 2019
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