Ha ha. Just Kidding!

Here’s what I’m thinking. I’ve been trusting my intuition as I’ve taken each step through these changes to make my life more personally sustainable. I’ve been very intentional about listening to that inner voice.

Now I have a deadline coming up. I need to find a new place to live in roughly a month and a half. And I I’m waiting on a few pieces to fall into place around work. I can feel the stress standing just off stage, but I have to ask myself: Does it make any sense that life would “guide” me to this point, and then say, “Ha ha. Just kidding!” It really doesn’t.

There’s a plan which is staying in the flow. I’m in! I’m committed to playing this out to the end. I’m open to how it all turns out – trying not to lock into any one way. But I’m in. I’m going for it. It’s feels like playing chicken. And I’m determined not to blink!

Are you in a shift? How are you handling it? Let me know!




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