November Report: Happiness Rising

Jump for JoyEven though we’re approaching the end of the year, it feels in some ways like this month is the beginning of a new cycle. There’s something fresh and amazing in the wind. A proverbial breath of fresh air.

It feels like we can finally let go of something we’ve been holding for so long. A heavy weight lifted. Like an exhale, we let go and breath in something new.

For a long time now, we’ve been dreaming about a new way of being in the world – more conscious, aware. And yet, you could say the world wasn’t ready for happiness. But something changes this month. A new lightness makes an appearance and brings sunshine back into our worlds.

The important thing, then is to be open to the possibility of a new experience. We are cautioned not to go about our lives as business as usual. This month, diligence will pay off. Stop frequently to ask yourself if you’re operating out of an old model or allowing your life to be fresh, different, and really happy.

Guilt and fear are good indicators. Feeling either of those can clue you in that you need to shift gears. This month, replace guilt with gratitude, and fear with forgiveness. I forgive myself if things don’t work out perfectly. I forgive the other person if they’re not perfect. Dropping the illusion that there is a “perfect” is part of the changing landscape. Jump on board. Life will be much happier!


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