High Seas, Foreign Lands, and Grand Adventures

Life is nothing if not an adventure this month – arrived at on the high seas and delivered to foreign lands.

The journey begins in the wee hours of the morning while the light is a still dim making it hard to see just where you’re at. Toward the beginning of the month, you may feel slightly lost and disoriented. Be patient. Wait for the sun to rise. Within a few days things start to brighten enough to get a sense of where you are and what’s happening.

You may feel a bit like you’re in a foreign land this month as things around you change at a rapid rate. Life is moving and changing so quickly now, nothing sticks. Situations are there one moment, and gone the next. Live like a tourist. Take in the sights, knowing you won’t be there long. Focus on what’s good, what’s working, and disregard the rest.

Expect emotional rough seas this month – happy, sad, overwhelmed, glad. Like being on the ocean, find your sea legs, roll with the waves, and laugh more than usual. Like a lighthouse in the distance, focus on what’s light and good in your life and set your course to that.

Life is a journey. And any good adventure is worth a little discomfort. The experiences this month may be just what you need to realize you’re stronger than you thought. Live strong.


Anna Francesca Celestino is an intuitive coach, author, and creator of The Shift System: Shortcuts to a Life You Love. She’s spent years on her “path”, and now applies her experience to create fast tracks for busy people wanting to live authentic lives. Latest shortcut: The Time Out! Workshop  and The Emotional Workout Workshop:Six simple questions to find out what’s been sabotaging your hopes and dreams.

May 30, 2019
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