Houston, we have liftoff!

Last month we made it through the passage of eclipses – entering with our old baggage and, hopefully, exiting with only the essentials we want to carry forward. It was a significant time of lightening up.

And then we got to March. As much momentum as there seemed to be, early in the month we hit some quick sand. It seems easy to get caught up in anything and everything going on in our lives. A simple thing becomes complicated and even confusing… when it should be so simple. (You may even hear yourself saying, “This should be so simple!”)

But don’t despair. Part of what’s happening is we’re adjusting to our new lightness. When things seem complicated or confusing, pay attention to whether you’re caught up in something that’s passing away or the lightness you are becoming. A rocket has to separate from the boosters to get to outer space. You’re going to want to identify with the part of you that’s heading for a wild new frontier and not the part that’s falling back to earth.

Be mindful of your emotional state this month. Track your fear level. We have the opportunity to fly high – but to do that we must enter the unknown. That’s usually the part of change we’re most afraid of. You have the opportunity this month to set a new trajectory for your life. Listen to what’s calling you. Then pay attention to how you feel about it. Acknowledge your fear. Get support. Then let go, let go, let go and fly!

Anna Francesca Celestino is a blogger and coach who abandoned corporate life to go in search of meaning. Returning from the proverbial mountaintop, she offers life hacks even the busiest people can use to live a more authentic life. Want to find out what’s been sabotaging your hopes and dreams? START HERE: The Emotional Workout: 6 simple questions to find out what’s been stopping you and one to turn it around. Download your free copy now.

March 2, 2017

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