Into the Wild

Swirling. That was the feeling I got when I tapped into this month’s energy. Chaos and movement. That’s not a bad thing. Just, perhaps, an uncomfortable one.

Transformation requires chaos. It demands that everything that was be thrown in the air and come down assembled in a new way. And that’s exactly the feeling I get this month. We are swirling. How we’ve been living is being thrown into chaos and we can only hope that how it emerges is more sustainable physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If we’re looking for a way to navigate this journey of reinventing ourselves, it’s possible we can find guidance from the stories of wild animals reclaiming urban spaces. Goats, buffalo, monkeys, kangaroos, coyotes, bears.

Leave a space open and the wild will return. The natural will reclaim the space.

If you are finding yourself at home with time, can you allow the space to remain until something natural and wild in you comes to reclaim it? I have a friend who said she’s always wanted to paint but never took the time. And now she is. What have you been longing for that’s finally being given an opening?

Our world is changing. The formality of business is being replaced with more personal meetings zoomed in from peoples’ homes with children and pets wandering through. We are finding our humanity. We are valuing food and paper products. We are limiting travel and giving the skies a chance to breathe. We are remembering the importance of growing our own food. And appreciating our sojourns into nature.

Yes. There is a tragic underbelly of this transformation and people are paying the price with their lives every day. And even in that, there is opportunity. To choose to sacrifice our own comfort and security by staying home to save others. And that’s happening all over the world.

This month let the wild reclaim you. Sit quietly in the midst of the swirl and see what feral creature has been waiting to re-inhabit you. Photo by Josef Wörle on Unsplash.

Anna Francesca Celestino is author of Igniting Change and creator of The Shift System: A 90 Day Container for Transformational Change. She’s spent years on her spiritual path and now applies her experience to create shortcuts for busy people wanting to live authentic lives. Her Emotional Workout is a free 10-minute tool to find out what’s been sabotaging your hopes and dreams. It’s also great for daily emotional maintenance during these rapidly changing times. Download your copy now.

May 31, 2020

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