May 2015 Energy Forecast

The first word that comes to me this month is JOY. Then I heard JOYFUL PRAISE. Surely, this is a month for gratitude. Thanksgiving. We have been headed in this direction for a long time now. And it seems safe to say we have finally arrived.

No doubt, you are aware this world has been in transition. Up, down, forward, back. Inside and out. All too many times over the last few years did I have to urge holding steady, withstanding the storm. Not to say there will never be another storm, but surely the major changes have occurred and we are on steady ground for a while.

Last month I spoke about a coming out party. Well, get out your party clothes, because you’ve been invited. We’ve all been invited to show who we are. Good news for introverts who’ve been hiding out. It’s safe to come out. The tide is turning and the gifts introverts have to bring will finally be recognized. But there’s plenty of room for extroverts, too. In fact, whoever you are – come out, come out

It’s time to be truly you. Think about the part of yourself you’ve least been willing to share. The sacred part you’ve most protected. Is that your gift? How can it be used? What would it mean for you to contribute it into the whole? It’s time to stop judging what is most unique about ourselves and bring it! What part is that for you? It doesn’t have to be a talent like art or music. It could very well be a quality like caring, encouraging, inspiring, listening, making people laugh, or in a friend of mine’s case – bringing the party.

What’s your gift? What do you do better than anyone you know? Or at least as well as? Going forward, we need every piece of the puzzle to create a whole and marvelous world. The resistance we’ve been feeling is waning, and welcome is on the rise! So join in the party. Show yourself!

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