• Summertime. That’s the image I got when I tapped into July’s energy. Classic summertime fun. Barbecues, swimming pools, vacations. It’s time to take a break from the intensity that’s been our lives. Not just ou […]

  • I’m happy to report that the first word I got for June was JOY. This is very much a celebratory month. Not just because of weddings and graduations, but because we’ve actually moved the needle in the private wor […]

  • There are reasons for hope this month – hope that things can change. Hope that the areas of our lives and the world that have been stuck can break free and open to movement and flow. 

    When approaching […]

  • You can’t expect to emerge from a riptide feeling rested. If you recall, “riptide” was the majority of the energy for January – at least till the eclipse on the 20th of the month. So, feeling a little worn out […]

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