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  • That’s the feel of the energy for September. Woohoo! Things are great. Life is happening!

    We are in for some REALLY good things to happen for us this month.

    It’s like the “ban the good stuff” filters are off […]

  • Summertime. That’s the image I got when I tapped into July’s energy. Classic summertime fun. Barbecues, swimming pools, vacations. It’s time to take a break from the intensity that’s been our lives. Not just ou […]

  • I’m happy to report that the first word I got for June was JOY. This is very much a celebratory month. Not just because of weddings and graduations, but because we’ve actually moved the needle in the private wor […]

  • There are reasons for hope this month – hope that things can change. Hope that the areas of our lives and the world that have been stuck can break free and open to movement and flow. 

    When approaching […]

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