Push/Pull…I’ve got it bad

Tug of WarI’ve got a serious case of push/pull this week. Part of me is gung ho to work on my business. And another part just wants to nap. (Could have something to do with the heat wave we’re having.) I also feel very fractured. I’ve got a move coming up mid-month. All of my stuff’s arriving in a pod. Lots of anticipation but nothing for me to do until then. Starting work projects seems silly since I’ll be interrupted with the move. It all adds up to a lot of conflicting feelings.

What do I want? That’s the question I raised last week.

I want to be relaxed and confident vs. stressed and uncertain. I really want to extract this glob of doubt and replace it with trust. I want to feel fine with where I am and what’s happening. I guess that means being present NOW. Because everything’s fine right NOW.

Trusting now. Interesting….

July 9, 2014

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