Remembering and Releasing


There’s something sad and remorseful about this month’s energy. It blends a longing for days gone by with regret for what never was. It’s a good completion energy if there’s anything you need to release.

When you want to let go of something it’s always helpful to see it for what it was – clearly. That’s the opportunity this month. Seeing the good and the bad with clarity, what we did and didn’t do – no rose colored glasses here. And no judgment. It was what it was. Bless it and Get ready to move on.

Despite the fact that we need to bring the past into focus, there’s also a dreamy energy that will make focusing on the future a challenge. Something about this month wants us to relax and let the lines blur as it relates to what’s next. Apparently, this month is not about knowing what we want or what’s coming. It’s about letting the past slip away.

The energy pulling us backward is strong now. Careful not to get caught in the riptide. Swimmers encountering a riptide are encouraged to swim in a right angle to the current or simply tread water. Resisting can lead to exhaustion and possibly drowning. Be aware of the memories floating through your mind, but don’t drown in them. That current will pass and we’ll move onto something else.

We’ve talked about letting go before. This is a big one. It’s about releasing whole patterns of being. Parts of identity even. Big chunks! That can only mean one thing. Once it’s done, we will be free to be something new. Embrace the day.

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