I talked about  January being like a magic act filled with illusions and sleight of hand. And so it was. There were so many executive orders coming out of the White House we didn’t know what to question first. It was a bit of a blur. Likewise, we’ve talked about this being a time of defining who we are and how we want to live personally and collectively. Did you march? Sign petitions? We got a real opportunity to take a stand for what we value and, no doubt, will continue to have the chance.

February begins with a bang. Lots of surprises right from the start. Then suddenly, around the 7th, it feels like a storm coming to an end. Things calm down and we get back to some semblance of normalcy. BUT what we may discover is that we no longer want “normal” or the status quo. Remember we’re in a 1 year – the first year in a 9 year cycle. 2017 is about what’s passing away and how things can be different going forward.

This month something starts to shift around power – who has it and how it’s held. Watch for it.

This is also one of the more powerful months we’ve had to re-define ourselves and our lives. It’s not so much about taking action right this minute. It’s more important to recognize the old ways and decide it’s time to try something new.* The structure upon which old choices were made is no longer stable. Before taking action, ask yourself if the system it’s based in is strong enough to withstand the changes taking place. Like they say, don’t put new wine in old skins. Ask yourself what now? And now? And now?

Hopefully, you’ve got your 2017 wish list in place because from mid-month on, it’s like someone’s waving a magic want.** Time to RISE and SHINE!

*If you can relate, be sure to watch my “Leaders Wanted” video.
** Haven’t done your 2017 vision yet? Check out the 5-Day Challenge.



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