Simpler Times, Better Days

The first part of May feels like summer vacation – slow, easy, light, fun. This is going to be an amazing time to rest and catch your breath. The planets align. Everything starts moving forward, and for a minute it’s going to feel like simpler times, better days.

Make no mistake about it. This is a fine time to catch up on your rest. Play. Enjoy yourself. Feel the lift this early May energy brings.

After roughly the tenth of the month, life becomes a bit less fluid. You may start to feel like you’re walking through mud with boots sticking to the ground. That may sound unpleasant, but here’s the deal. It’s actually a good thing. Yes. A good thing. What it means is that there’s a coming together of energy. Where, for a while now, it was difficult to move anything forward, our plans start to gain some traction.

What we’re feeling is life coming together around that which is life-sustaining. If you’ve been longing to make a contribution, be healthier, kinder, more compassionate this is the month to start building better habits. If you try…they will stick!

There’s another significant energy this month and that is the energy of loss. I know. You’re thinking, haven’t we been through enough already? But if we know how to move with the energy, something that seems sad or heavy will actually be the very thing we need to lift us up. So, let’s talk about loss.

The thing I’ve seen holding people back more than anything else is unresolved grief. Something from the past that was too difficult to deal with, sitting in the background longing for resolution. And we avoid it like crazy, fearful it will be too painful if we open it up. It could be the actual loss of a person or the loss of how life was. Toward the end of this month we have a small window of opportunity to bless the past and put it behind us.

This month, don’t be afraid to look at what you’re sad about. What have you lost? What failed? What didn’t go the way you wanted it to? We only experience grief over something we love. Remember, love never dies, it only changes form. What form can the love take that’s life-enhancing for you now?


Anna Francesca Celestino is a blogger and coach who abandoned corporate life to go in search of meaning. Returning from the proverbial mountaintop, she offers life hacks even the busiest people can use to live a more authentic life. Want to find out what’s been sabotaging your hopes and dreams? START HERE: The Emotional Workout: 6 simple questions to find out what’s been stopping you and one to turn it around. Download your free copy now.

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