I’m all about living a more soulful aka nourishing life. But lately I’ve been noticing my inclination to power through my day. Granted, I’m an Aries. It’s my nature to batter my way through life, but the consequence for pushing is always feeling like I’ve run out of energy.

It’s the sense of pushing that tires me out and wears on my nerves. Pushing through making breakfast so I can get to my work. Pushing through this task on my desk so I can get onto something else. It’s not the work that tires me, it’s the excessive force I use to get it done, stressing myself out in the process.

So, today is an experiment. Just do what I’m doing. And when I’m done, doing the next thing. I know. Shocking! Illuminating! Transformational! Obvious. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing? Yes, but do we?

There’s something about pulling my energy into the moment, rather than stretching it out into the future. Focusing on what I’m doing. Mindfulness. I can almost feel a reserve building just by being in the moment. It gives me a new appreciation for Nike’s saying, Just do it.

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