October Report: Target Happiness

3D Bullseye

The energy for this month revolves around the word joyful. It’s not necessarily that everything will be joyful, but that we should shoot for joyful. Like a target, happiness is our aim.

This month, it’s time to turn away from stress and worry. We’ve done all we can to prepare the way. Next we move into the allowing phase. Let it be what it’s going to be. And why shouldn’t it be joyful?

Under the worst of circumstances, there is a silver lining. Look for it. And once you find it, keep your attention there. This keeps us focused on something higher. Like a sputtering airplane, we pull back on the throttle of happiness, pull out of a plunging dive, and rise.

For those of you who have been down, this month’s energy is like wind under wings, lifting us up. Make the most of it. Think about the areas in your life where you’ve been troubled. Take a step back. See the energy surround your concerns and lift them up. Your willingness, your allowing for things to change is all you need to do. Let it happen. Allow things to change. Be willing to be happy.

Allowing happiness sometimes requires letting go of control. Think about the inspiration that comes to you when you’re in the shower! When we relax, life comes to play. Suddenly magic starts happening – the unexpected makes an appearance.

This month, come to terms with the fact that in order for things to change we have to let go. Surrender to happiness. Follow the joy. And all will be…whatever it’s going to be.

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