The Clock is Ticking

To honor my need for time off, I decided not to do a reading this month, but instead offer an excerpt from my 2020 Forecast. Here are the past four months and the next two months. I think it paints an interesting timeline.


As we step into the new year, I begin to see an opening – as if a door opens into another reality. We begin to see new possibilities and new solutions for old problems.


Aries brings the fire of war into the month of March. Prepare for conflict both personally and on the world stage. In fact, the best advice may be to take cover and try to stay out of the line of fire. None of this energy is personal. It’s just Life bringing the heat to make things right.


You can expect some sparks and sizzles as Spring showers comes just in time to put out last month’s fire. This month is an important time to rest and regroup. We experienced a big shift last month and will continue to feel aftershocks this month. Not to worry. Just don’t overtax yourself.


Ahhhh. The volatile energy finally starts to settle and it’s time for fun. Relax. Play. Enjoy. These are the directives for the month. It’s as if the sun is coming out from behind the clouds after a big storm has come and washed everything clean. Time to come out and celebrate.


What are you waiting for? That’s the message this month. What are you waiting for to do and have what you want? We’re in a “4” year numerologically which is all about grounding, landing, realizing what you’ve been longing for. Tick tock. There’s never been a better time!


This is not a good month for heavy lifting. In fact, you may feel like you’re carrying around the weight of the world. The best thing you can do is picture taking that weight off your shoulders and putting it down. Too heavy. Too hard. Turn your worries over to the Universe. They’ve got you!

Anna Francesca Celestino is an intuitive coach and author of the book Igniting Change. She has a gift for untangling emotional issues which she’s applied to The Emotional Workout. Six simple questions to find out what’s been stopping you and one question to turn it all around. Download your free copy now.

May 31, 2020

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