August Energy Report


If you’re feeling that things are a bit disjointed this month you’ve got it right. In fact, you might try getting used to it because it’s going to be this way for a while. It’s almost as if you just can’t quite bring your thoughts into focus. Yep. That’s about right.

The image I get is that of the tectonic plates shifting and it’s not gentle. It’s mountain-making. Pushing and grinding and lifting and re-arranging. That’s the energy that will be happening all month long. Opening new channels, and blocking off others.

I believe the purpose of this intense shift is to bring us into a new alignment with what’s happening on planet Earth – reality. You could say we’ve been in a state of denial. But that only works for a while. Global warming, water shortage, environmental destruction, animal extinction. The veil of denial is being lifted and it’s not going to be comfortable.

We’ve got a while before reality settles into the main stream and people begin to react. For now, it’s just us. Holding the notion that things will change.

So, what do we do? Panic? Call our Senators? Move to a piece of land somewhere? Maybe. But more important is how we work with the energy that’s coming to us. The expression Stay calm and carry on comes to mind.

There’s nothing to do other than be present. Being present, however, can be challenging when the energy makes us feel like we’re being tossed around at sea during a storm. Here’s the key. Stand still. And let everything wash around you. You are the lighthouse that’s withstood storms for hundreds of years. You’re not going anywhere. Stand strong and shine your light.

You and everyone around you are going to feel the disruptive energy this month. Be the calm in the storm. Let it wash over and around you while not affecting you. That is the challenge and the blessing this month.


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