Wake Up!

Tapping into the energy for April, the first thing I feel is a watery, dreamy state reminiscent of a scene from the movie, What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams. Watery, moving, sleepy, other worldly.

What do we do with that sort of energy? As I read the energy, I feel it pulling me in, calling me back to bed, to sleep through whatever is coming next. And that might seem preferable. But, alas, we cannot sleep through our lives.

And so, this month, we must shake ourselves out of our slumber and into wakefulness. But let’s not completely deny ourselves the dreamy state in which we can escape reality for moments here and there, allowing us to recharge as we move through the month.

There is a strong element of denial sitting just behind the dreaminess. And that may be the real driver of this month’s energy. In The Shift System Book Club we recently read Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes in which she talks about “having the difficult conversations.” What’s more true than the sleepiness I first touched into is the fact that now more than ever, we are seeing the truth in relationships and situations in our lives. And, in some cases, we no longer want to participate in or support broken behavior.

But that requires a difficult conversation either with others or ourselves; hence wanting to go back to sleep instead.

Not everything needs to be addressed all at once. Seeing clearly allows us to be different in the moment rather than trying to change everyone and everything else. We no longer have to respond like a frightened, wounded child, or an angry victim. If this year is about nothing else, it’s a continuation from last year of standing in our power. Standing up for what’s right. Having our own backs so we can do what’s right for ourselves and others.

If you can this month, let this call to self-empowerment cast out the siren’s call to slumber. Let’s admit the truth that we see – at least to ourselves. It’s a starting point. And from there, all else unfolds.

Anna Francesca Celestino is an intuitive coach and author of the book Igniting Change. She has a gift for untangling emotional issues which she’s applied to The Emotional Workout. Six simple questions to find out what’s been stopping you and one question to turn it all around. Download your free copy now.

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash.

May 30, 2019
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