I feel a lot of fear heading into November because of the U.S. presidential election. Everyone wants to win. And it seems, someone will have to lose. And no one wants to lose!

But this election is not just about Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals. It’s about who we intend to be as human beings moving forward. And that may take longer than November 3rd to decide.

Each player on the political stage carries with them a “team” of supporters who align with their beliefs. And, pretty much, the main ways of thinking/feeling/being are all represented. Think about who you relate to most in the political arena. Or outside the political arena resisting the political scene. We’re all on one team or another.

And then there’s the bigger team – the human race. Because this dynamic is playing out all over the world. And in each country there are players to represent segments of their population.

Who wins and who loses will tell us where we’re at as human beings in our collective evolution. It’s a gauge of our growth and progress. No one wins if we don’t all win.

In my coaching groups we’re looking at the deep wounds that drive us. Some of us are driven by fear, some by abandonment, some by powerlessness and some by a feeling of unworthiness. We can have compassion for all of them, and we should. But no wound should be at the wheel driving anything.

Only love belongs at the helm steering us toward greater vision, deeper connection, empowering one another to reach our full potential, and valuing every individual and living element on this precious planet. As they say, Love rules.

So, whatever the outcome of the US election on November 3, I hope we can keep in mind what “winning” really means. And whatever path leads us back to love is worth the journey.

Anna Francesca Celestino is an intuitive coach and author of the book Igniting Change. Join her for EXHALE 2020, a free workshop November 18 to reflect on this insanely crazy year – from your challenges to victories and everything in between so you can fully appreciate how heroic you’ve been! FIND OUT MORE.

November 29, 2020

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