We’re begging you…let go!

Umbrella in the windThis is going to be short and sweet. The energy for July is time out. It’s time to go on a mental vacation. Relax. Don’t think about it. Worry is off the agenda this month. Everybody’s taking a break. In fact, it almost seems like it will be a break for Life to have us stop working everything! Life is imploring us. Get out the sun block, pull up a lounge chair, order the drink with the umbrella, and let your brain chill!

This month is a great time to do things just because they’re fun. Do anything that will take your mind OFF everything it’s been ON. The world will not fall apart during this mini hiatus. In fact, that’s the energy. Everything is holding together so we can take a break for a little while.

There are no caveats. No “buts”. I checked and double checked. This month the magic happens in the letting go. When you relax your grip, you end up with an open hand that’s able to receive.

So to review, this month have fun, be light, enjoy and be well.



What problem?

(As in…I’ve forgotten already!)



I always know I found the right song when I can’t stop singing it! Love this. Love the awesome energy! Enjoy!

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