What’s on your watchlist?

I’ve been looking at some of my life patterns. I tend to end up in situations where I make radical changes riddled with risk and then have to see my way through. You could say it’s just the life of an Aries – leap before you look. But I’m in a new situation and would prefer that it not lead to that predictable end.

So, I did 3 life maps. One identifying “big risk moments”, one with times I had to start over, and one with success moments. I wanted to see what the relationship was. I looked at how I derailed successful times, and why. Out of that, I came up with a watchlist for this time around.

Things to monitor to avoid having to make radical and jarring shifts:

  1. comfort level with expansion – to avoid self derailment
  2. life balance – to avoid burnout
  3. balance of giving and receiving – to avoid resentment
  4. support – to avoid isolation
  5. self love – to avoid chasing after the wrong things

What’s on your watchlist?

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