You did it!

Well, here we are with the last forecast of the year and the energy I get for the month is peace. At last. It’s been a year of a tremendous amount of personal work. And, finally, a hard-earned moment of peace.

Everything you’ve done, everything you’ve been thinking about, working on internally – it’s all culminated in this moment. You have arrived. The internal struggles you’ve been wrestling with are all clear now and you can breathe again.

That’s not to say that everything in your external world is fixed. But you see your life clearly now and know what you need to do. Seeing clearly is 90% of the work. Soon it will be time to draw up the courage to make the changes. But that’s not now. Now is all about basking in the progress you’ve made. Sitting high upon that mountain, looking down on a bird’s eye view of your life and appreciating the fact that you’ve arrived.

December, the final month of the year, is a perfect time for celebrating and that’s my recommendation for you this month. As the year draws to a close, set aside a little time to acknowledge where you started this year and where you’re ending it. So much has shifted. There may be external shifts. Write those down. But the real change is internal. So ask yourself: How did I see my life a year ago and how do I see my life now? What’s different? How have I grown? How has my perspective changed? What did I long for then? What do I long for now?

You are amazing. Make no mistake about it. And this coming year will prove that out beyond a shadow of a doubt. But for now, bask in the rewards of a year well done.


Anna Francesca Celestino is celebrating her 15th year publishing her Monthly Energy Forecast. She’s spent years on her “path”, and now applies her experience to create powerful shortcuts for busy people wanting to live authentic lives like the FREE Emotional Workout: Six simple questions to find out what’s been stopping you and one question to turn it all around. Download your free copy now.

Anna is also an intuitive coach, author, and creator of The Shift System: A 90 Day Group Coaching Program.

Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

May 30, 2019
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