Afraid to look

So many things I’ve wanted over the years are here at my doorstep. A cozy home in the woods. A quiet community of like-minded people. A kind and strong man knocking at my door. All that’s left is to live.

Funny how different it is to be working toward those things – always living for the day when…. Striving and dreaming, planning and longing. The future. And now they’re here. The reality. The day to day. The present. Is it everything I dreamed of? More? Less? Different?

In my work I’m always talking about allowing a space for life to surprise us. I have manifested my dreams. The infrastructure for the life I want to live is here. All that’s left is to fill it out. To live it day to day. And suddenly it feels too predictable, mundane. Without all of the striving and the longing, it’s…what? Boring?

I know it’s not. It can’t be. What am I missing?

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