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  • Well. The words I got for this month are…ready? Soft and sexy. Then, so many more words! Comforting. Soothing. Sensual. Warm. It’s the smooth jazz of energy, lol.

    Looking closer, well, there’s not much explanat […]

  • The first thing I got when I felt into July was “cotton candy” along with a feeling of an old fashion carnival. There was a sense of uncapped joy overflowing. Happiness. Fun. Life is resuming and all is wel […]

  • There is a lightness about the energy this month. In a way it feels like spring. New life as we begin to emerge from our pandemic cocoons and re-enter the world. The joy of reuniting with society is irrepressible […]

  • The beginning of this month feels like there are totally different energies happening at the same time on different planes. On one hand, there is a lightness. And on the other, a heaviness. One is calling us […]

  • Sorry to say, the energy I felt when I tapped into April was sadness. But as always, what we may think of as a negative is usually ends up being positive for us in some way. So, let’s take a look.

    April is k […]

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