Akashic Storytelling

It is said that the Akashic Records or Book of Souls contain a record of everything that’s ever happened and ever will. Reading past lives from the Records is like reading a great book. The stories are always fascinating!
The plots are usually driven by Love - love lost, love betrayed, love that transcends time. The dramatic twist comes when a

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lifetime ends unresolved. Then we may find ourselves trapped in the sequel, lifetime after lifetime without ever knowing it.
Returning to the source is the key that sets you free. This is the purpose of Akashic Storytelling, a unique clearing process developed by intuitive healer Anna Francesca Celestino. 


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In a private storytelling session with Anna, she will intuitively select a past life story from your Akashic Records and then tell you the tale. Together you'll discuss the story’s relevance to your current life.

Employing her gifts as a healer and guide, Anna will then help you re-write the end of the story so you are released from old promises and vows like poverty, chastity, revenge, self-deprivation, loneliness, and ill health.

The effects of one session can be felt almost immediately. Without thinking, you’ll find yourself responding differently to situations. You’ll discover options you didn’t know you had. Anna has helped many people change their lives with her unique storytelling process. Let her spin a tale for you, and start your happily ever after today.


Session can be done in person, by phone or Skype. In-person rate may vary.


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In this mystical evening salon, Anna intuitively selects stories from the Akashic Records that hold healing for those present. She tells the tale, then opens the floor to a group discussion about the meaning and significance. She then guides the group to write a new ending that offers healing and re-patterning for everyone present.

Gather a circle of friends. Then plan on an evening of grand adventure as we travel through time and space, hearing some of the most amazing tales to be told!

$20/person, minimum of 5 people or $100

Session can be done in person, by phone, or Skype.



AKASHIC STORYTELLING has emerged from 30 years of spiritual exploration, extensive study in Akashic Record reading, training in Shadow Work ® facilitation, and many years of assisting people to transform their lives. She has come out of all of this complex training with a simple understanding which she calls Anatomy of a Block.

Anna has also developed and facilitated numerous personal development courses attended by people from around the world including The Life Purpose Course, Identity Beyond Belief, and Building the House of your Being, a 6 month in-residence spiritual training. She is author of Igniting Change: From where you are to where you want to be.

Lady's maid

Want a sample of Akashic Storytelling?

Here's a simple story about Claire, a young women from the 1600's, who must clear her grief to live her life. It may start out sad, but you'll see how, through storytelling, her story can be changed.

This story was selected from the Akashic Records to serve as a sample on this site. Maybe you'll find some truth in it for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Sample is less than 15 minutes. Private sessions are approx. 40 minutes.

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