From where you are to where you want to be


by Anna Francesca Celestino

Scientists tell us that our universe is expanding. Since we live in the universe, it seems only logical that our lives should be expanding, too. So why aren't they? Why do we often feel stuck and small?

The reason is timing. Change happens in the now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow - now. Yet, that's rarely where we are. All too often, we're sad about the past or worried about the future. To live lives that surprise us and change us in ways we could never imagine, we must get into the now.

IGNITING CHANGE shows how to use three simple actions - love, proximity, and courage - to create transformative change. When used together, these actions deliver us into the moment. Like magic, possibilities emerge where there were seemingly none before.

If there's a gap between where you are and where you want to be, if your options seem limited, and hope is in short supply, maybe it's time to turn up the heat. What changes are waiting to be ignited in your life?

"Igniting Change fills a significant vacuum in spirituality literature. I recommend it without reservation, and am certain it will soon be a classic in the field." Marcella Bakur Weiner, PhD, Author of The Problem is the Solution.

"Anna Celestino insightfully provides the reader with a clear road map. If you desire change in your life, this book will reach deep within and guide you to transformation." Joan King, PhD, M.C.C., author of Cellular Wisdom for Women: An Inner Work Book.

"Any growth process that has as its foundation the immense capacity of the human heart for love, gets my vote."  Cliff Barry, Founder, Shadow Work Seminars

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