Your Personalized COSMIC DOWNLOAD

Personalized Cosmic Download

I feel like I could write a book about how much SIMONE has changed my life, not only in a concrete way, but in terms of my thinking, my spirituality, my perspective, my faith…she’s had an enormous effect, and I’m very thankful. M.B.


"I've had several readings from ANNA and she's amazing! If you’re looking for answers to questions or guidance with an issue, she is crazy accurate!" - Heather

Trying to make sense of what’s happening in your life? Want to understand why things just won’t change?

Get the clarity and movement you’ve been looking for with the team of astrologer Simone Butler and intuitive Anna Francesca Celestino.

In your personalized COSMIC DOWNLOAD, Simone begins by telling you about your potential based on your chart and how to make the most of your current cycles. Anna will then help you see what’s been stopping you and how to move through it. If you’re serious about living your highest potential, we’re here to help.

This month, get these 2 1-hour sessions for just $250 (A $300 value.)


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