There are times to do it yourself...and times when DIY just won't cut it! 

Emotional work is like that. 

Sometimes you can work out what's troubling you...and sometimes you can't. Seeing your own blocks can be tricky even though they may impact you every day. 

  •  Stuck in a bad relationship
  •  Tolerating being alone for too long
  •  "Poverty consciousness"
  •  Chronic health issues
  •  Difficulty receiving good things
  •  Unable to focus or reach your goals
  •  Difficult family dynamics 

Having someone who can help you spot your "shadow" can be really helpful. 

Welcome to The Breakthrough Session

"In one hour, you touched on what could be one of the biggest, longest standing issues affecting my life." 

Doug, Orange County CA 


As an intuitive healer, certified life coach and spiritual teacher, I'm here to help you quiet the fear and confusion that's been holding you back and reconnect with that inner voice that's been calling your name. 

Anna Francesca Celestino


“What Anna does is much more than a reading. She takes what’s going on in your life, identifies what’s blocked, helps you clear the block, and then gives you real world, put-your-hands-on-it guidance for how to move forward.” 

Heather, Portland OR


Your private session starts with you talking about any stuck or painful areas you want to shift. 

It could be anything from relationships, health, money, family, home, career, or any painful emotional patterns like confusion, lack of confidence, fears, phobias, etc.

Anna then goes into the Akashic Records or Book of Souls...  

and finds the past life experience that's been holding you back. You'll be rivted as she tells you a story of life and death, love and betrayal, victory and defeat. 

Together you'll re-write the end of the story, healing broken patterns and creating a new direction for your life. 

After talking about how the story relates to your life now, Anna will lead you through her unique process of healing and re-patterning. You'll then set your course for new territory!

"The shift I felt in just one session with you is priceless!"

Tracy, Riverside CA 

Doing personal work is, well, personal. 


If you're ready to ...

  •  be free of what's been stopping you from living you life fully
  •  be available for healthy, loving, supportive relationships
  •  accept the abundance you deserve
  •  be done with pain and depression
  •  do meaningful and fulfilling work

then, by all means schedule your session. A reading/healing/set-a-new-course session is $150.


Trying to decide what to do? Having trouble seeing what's next? Want to know what's coming up?Not sure about signing a contract, buying a house, entering into a relationship, taking a job? Get insights with the Spiritual Guidance Session. Get clear, get going. 

1 hour/ $150, 30 minutes/ $75

"If you're looking for guidance or answers to questions, Anna is crazy accurate!" Ellen, Los Angeles, CA

Not sure? Want more information? Want to get to know me a little better, or want to get clear about what to work on? Give me your info and we can talk further. No obligation. 

"I feel like my DNA changed after working with you."

Helena, New Hampshire

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