The Shift System Sampler


In a recent Shift System graduation, we celebrated some really incredible participants. Here are their stories about turning points and the tools that helped them get there - tools you can use, too.

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We invite you to take your time...wander through these stories, gather some tools...and contemplate your life.


Carol tells her inspiring story of diligence, and remembering every day: This is what I want.


Find out about this simple life hack Carol used to create incremental shifts that amounted to big changes in her life.

Joya warmly shares her personal insights about the difference a little structure can make.

Here's one of the simplest and most powerful explanations of how life works. And how to use it to shift your life now.

Soft spoken, deep-hearted Jennifer shares what she learned about self care and letting go.

The last step in letting go of the old is to understand what you've been getting out of it. There's always a negative payoff.

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