Friday, June 15   6:30-9:30 pm



In this enchanting evening, we will start with a check in. What’s been holding you back, and what do you want to shift? Intuitive, Anna Celestino, will then pull a unique story from the Akashic Records that holds healing for all present. Once you’ve seen how the story relates to you, Expressive Arts Therapist, Tish McAllise Sjoberg, will guide you through a creative process to let go of the old and embrace a positive, new story. A gentle, yet powerful healing process to clear blocks and find more personal freedom.

$49 in advance, $59 at the door




Saturday, June 16   10am - 1pm

Nancy Walter Studio, Encinitas



In this enchanting gathering, Anna uses her intuitive skills to enter the Akashic Records or Book of Souls and find a story that will bring healing and growth to everyone present. The stories are always fascinating...and profoundly relevant. Once the story is told, you'll be guided to explore how it relates to your life now. You'll then discover how to use the story for personal healing and growth. (Note: Sign up now. Space is limited to create an intimate and hands on experience.)





Saturday, June 23    10 am to 1 pm



Are you stuck in an old way of life even though you know you’re ready for something new? Have you outgrown your life and want something bigger, better, happier, lighter? Have you hit an edge you can't seem to move beyond? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Learn how to quickly recognize when you've hit an edge that's stopping you, discover easy-to-use tools to help defuse the discomfort that causes you to stop, see how to move beyond the edge to where your new life is waiting.




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